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The Many Uses of a Dumpster

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Uses of a Roll-Off Dumpster

By definition, a roll-off is a usually open-top dumpster that is rectangular and made of heavy steel.  A series of wheels are designed to facilitate rolling the dumpster in place. The container is also designed to be transported by special roll-off trucks. Most roll-off containers have swinging doors on the end and/or the top for more effortless loading of waste. Although, Some roll-off containers are not open at the top and are used for commercial trash compactors.  Your local dumpster company will help with the specific functions and how they facilitate supplying a dumpster.

Depending on what your needs are, there are many options when looking into renting a dumpster. 
It’s a easy process that includes calling the dumpster company, choosing a dumpster size, discussing how to drop off at your property, filling it up, and having it hauled away or picked up weekly.
Doing your research pays because, in some cases, you may also have to get a permit.  The dumpster company can help determine if this is necessary in your case.

Roll-off dumpsters 

Roll off dumpsters come in several capacities, including the most common container sizes (10, 20, 30 and 40-yard bins).  In some cases, they are rented year-round and other times they are only needed for a short period of time. 
The uses vary for roll-offs ranging from construction, landscaping, cleaning, and garbage.  One reason people choose a roll-off for household garbage is that it keeps your trash secure from animals.  It is an excellent choice if you have a lot of waste and need it secure from wildlife.  They also help to minimize any odor from food, etc.

Usually, a 10-yard dumpster is ideal for a garage or basement cleanout, while a 40-yard dumpster may be  the best solution for construction projects or roofing jobs.  Roll-off dumpsters are heavy, particularly when filled up with junk and debris.  Most companies have weight capacities when it is emptied, so it wise to research the details. 

There are 2 crucial factors to consider when it comes to dumpster weight: protecting your driveway/property and avoiding exceeding the weight limit.  For example, a single layer of shingles removed from a roof can easily weigh 5,000 lbs.  This kind of weight can wreak havoc on a concrete driveway, yard, patio, or asphalt.

Many dumpster rental companies will place plywood or 2x4s beneath the dumpster when dropping it off to protect against damage.  To be safe, always over-estimate to ensure you don’t go over.
The bottom line is that there are a few factors to consider when starting a project or planning to use long-term dumpsters.  If you want the flexibility to load the container over time and have planned on loading the junk or debris yourself  a short-term dumpster is a way to go.  And you may save some money.

Once you have thought through your needs for a dumpster, call a professional company.  You may be surprised to realize that the volume of waste or junk isn’t enough to make renting a dumpster the more affordable option.

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