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How to Recycle Properly

In recent years, climate change has caught the attention of environmental activists. Ozone layer depletion has become a global concern because of the increased human health risk. The devastating effects have also impacted the environment and wildlife. As a result, the importance of recycling was given much emphasis. 

Why is it important to recycle?

Recycling saves energy

In extracting and processing raw materials such as wood, oil, coal, and other minerals, a lot of energy is needed to make them usable products. Whereas in recycling, less energy is required. 

Preserves the earth’s natural resources 

If you recycle wood and paper, you save trees and forests. New trees can be replaced, but we cannot replace the ancient woodlands and virgin rainforests. Recycling plastic means producing less new plastic. Recycling metals reduces the risk of mining and metal extraction.

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Protects the environment and animals 

Activities like mining, quarrying, and logging can cause harm by causing air and water pollution, which destroys animal habitats.

Cheaper than waste collection and disposal

The more you recycle, the more money you save. Environmentalists encouraged the recycling of food waste and green waste, as they often generate valuable compost which is beneficial to grow more food and other crops.

Recycling helps create jobs 

The increase in recycling increases the demand for workers in that field. The industry develops not only by creating new jobs but through recycling technology and innovation, new packaging, and product design. 

It is not enough to determine the recyclable and non-recyclable materials. It is important to recycle them properly to avoid contamination. 

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How to recycle the materials correctly?

Recycle Plastic Bags separately

Are you aware that plastic bags delay the automated recycling process? Human sorters have to open the machine to individually dispose of the plastic bags. Hence, the process is more difficult and more consuming. Make it a habit to collect and segregate all plastic bags, the same way you separate the aluminum cans. 

Avoid Shredding paper

Some recycling centers do not accept pieces of paper that are too small. The recycling process is determined by the length of the paper fiber. Exposed paper can also alter the organic element of the material. 

Compress bottles with lids back on

Recycling is easier when you put the lids back on the bottles because if caps are handed separately, they can be placed on general waste.

Cardboards and other Recyclable materials must be clean

Recycling at home can be stressful if you ignore some elements that can damage the recyclables. Make sure you do not include leftover food, liquid, animal waste, and other greasy items in the bin as they do not only affect the recycling process but also contaminate other recyclable materials.

Familiarize yourself with the local recycling guide

Every town has a different recycling guide. Some may accept certain waste and others do not. To avoid confusion and contamination take time to read your area’s recycling guide.

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