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How Dumpster Rental Works

Renting a dumpster can be daunting for first-timers. There are many factors you need to consider, prepare, and think about to make sure that everything goes smoothly. But the good news is, you can lighten the load. We’ve got you covered! Our staff at Dumpster Rental Quincy MA has put up a dumpster guide together for you.

Disposing of waste can be easy if you familiarize yourself with the whole process. It helps to know the size of the dumpster you require and the rental duration you need. Likewise, you must select the best dumpster rental company for the project. An excellent one will assist you in swiftly removing trash and provide you with high-quality dumpster rentals.


Here are the general steps that a person typically takes when renting a dumpster:

1. Schedule A Delivery

First, call and and have all of your questions answered. Be sure that your preferred dumpster rental company addresses all of your concerns. After deciding the kind of dumpster and the rental length you require, you can submit your order. Tell the dumpster rental company when you want the dumpster delivered and when you want it picked up.

Communicate your specific needs to the dumpster rental business as well. For instance, give them directions if you want the dumpster delivered to a specific spot on your property. If you are not sure of the best place or if the dumpster will fit, please can us as we can look at your property on Google Maps to assist you online. Doing so keeps your property secure. Keep in mind that they are also active throughout the entire year. So we suggest you arrange your project at least a day ahead of time.

2. Fill The Dumpster

Once the dumpster is in place you can fill it with the trash you want to get rid of. You’ll also want to plan ahead to make the most of the trash space; put large items in first because they are generally heavier and take up more space, then fill in around those items. Moreover, be aware of what you can and cannot throw out in the trash. You can read more about it below.

   3. Schedule a Pick-up

Commercial Dumpsters

Businesses make use of commercial dumpsters. Unlike roll-off dumpsters, they are not rented temporarily. Instead, dumpster rental businesses collect them regularly because firms arrange their waste management systems. The former usually transports between two and eight cubic yards of garbage.

Temporary Roll-Off Dumpsters

Residential waste is ideal for temporary roll-off dumpsters. You may also rent them out for a limited time. Roll-off dumpsters feature one-way doors on one side and rollers on the bottom, making them easy to transfer.

Construction Dumpsters

Construction dumpsters are similar to temporary roll-off dumpsters, only a lot more useful. They may be used for huge cleanup projects such as attic cleaning. You may also use them to dispose of debris left behind from a home renovation job. The average construction dumpster holds 10 to 40 cubic yards of trash.

Common Dumpster Sizes

What is the scope of your project? Rental companies frequently measure dumpsters in cubic yards. Homeowners commonly use a 10-yard (L12′ x W8′ x H3.5′) cleanout layout. On the one hand, a 20-yard dumpster (L22′ x W8′ x H4′) is ideal for house remodelling or renovation. On the other hand, a 30-yard (L22′ x W8′ x H6′) or 40-yard (L22′ x W8′ x H8′) dumpster is ideal for construction sites and commercial operations.

What You Can Put in a Dumpster

Except for hazardous garbage, you may throw anything in the dumpster. Furniture, clothing, toys, yard debris, and building materials such as wood and concrete are the most frequent junks that are put in dumpsters. Hazardous wastes, on the other hand, include sprays, chemicals, and liquids. These should not be thrown in the dumpster since they are combustible and harmful. 

There may also be additional charges for items such as mattresses/box springs and televisions. If you’re not sure whether or not something can go in a dumpster, check with your trash rental provider.

Rental Period

Dumpster rental firms often hire dumpsters for one to two weeks at a time. If you want to use it longer, they may charge you more each day. If you believe you’ll need an extension, call your trash service provider ahead of time.

Dumpster Rental Price

The cost of renting a dumpster is mainly determined by the container size and the rental time. Other considerations, such as the type of trash and its weight, impact the pricing. The typical dumpster rental cost, according to Hometown Dumpster Rental, a company that sends leads to dumpster rental companies from consumers, follows:

Dumpster SizeAverage Cost
10 yard~$305
20 yard~$370
30 yard~$440
40 yard~$490
Local average prices still vary.

Do you have a cleaning project on your hands? Only hire the best dumpster rental service! For a free quote, contact Dumpster Rental Quincy MA now.

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